The VitalStim® Therapy System portfolio comprises two devices: the standard, hand-held device and the clinical, Experia model.  The hand-held device features two channels with lead wire connection ports and an intensity control for each channel.  An LCD panel enables the therapist to view a therapy timer, the amplitude level set for each channel, and confirm lockout of the therapy session’s amplitude. The device is battery-operated. 

The Experia clinical device offers expanded features and functionalities.  Three different waveforms can be programmed with the Experia, including high volt pulsed current.  Patient baseline measurements and treatment targets can be established thanks to the inclusion of Surface Electromyography (sEMG) in the Experia.  This feature provides visual and auditory biofeedback during swallowing.  Enhancing the sEMG measures is Triggered Stimulation, which is triggered when the patient’s swallow, or muscle activation, reaches a preset target.  Thus, the stimulation is activated by the patient’s effort, creating a powerful and engaging feedback loop. 

Additionally, the Experia contains a clinical resource library of electrode placement diagrams and anatomical drawings of the swallowing structure.  Individual patient sessions can be recorded on patient data cards to form a continuum of therapy activities and goals from session to session.  The additional features found in the Experia are supported by .3 CEU hours of education to ensure that the dysphagia therapist is comfortable with, and can make full use of, this expanded functionality.

Download a brochure on the Experia clinical device 

A key part of the VitalStim® Therapy System devices is the specially-designed electrode developed specifically for the treatment of dysphagia and used with the two VitalStim devices mentioned above.  VitalStim® Therapy System electrodes are not stand-alone accessories; they are integral to the therapy system and are not interchangeable with other electrodes.  This patented electrode features a conductive snap bonded to the underlying conductive substrate using a special process to ensure that the snap does not pull away from the substrate and delivery of electrical stimulation is uniform across the electrode.  The electrode assembly was designed specifically for application to the anterior neck for dysphagia therapy.

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