What is VitalStim?

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is dysphagia?

    What is the VitalStim® Therapy System?

    How does it work?

    How is VitalStim different from conventional swallowing therapy?

    How long is a treatment session?

    How many sessions of VitalStim treatment before my swallowing improves?

    Does this work with all forms of dysphagia?

    Does VitalStim hurt?

    Is the VitalStim® Therapy System safe?

    Who can receive VitalStim?

    Who cannot receive VitalStim?

    What about patients with pacemakers?

    What are the side effects of VitalStim?

    How effective is the VitalStim® Therapy System?

    What medical specialists provide VitalStim?

    Does insurance cover VitalStim?

    Where can I find a facility that offers VitalStim?